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Migrating bbPress sidebars after Grimlock for bbPress 1.1.2

Since Grimlock for bbPress 1.1.2, we decided to improve the sidebars used in bbPress pages. If you’re running an older version of your theme, two sidebars were created with Easy Custom Sidebar during the theme setup. From now on, sidebars are created by Grimlock for bbPress and they’re displayed when choosing a layout including sidebars. […]

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Add Geolocation feature for BuddyPress members (BP Maps for Members)

Heads up! Make sure BuddyPress, BP Maps for Members and  BP xProfile Location are installed first! Please make sure you have BuddyPress, BP Maps for Members and BP xProfile Location installed and activated. If you haven’t already done so, you still can install this plugin before proceeding to the following steps. Also, please make sure you […]

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My profile search form seems to be broken

First of all, you must absolutely complete the Gwangi setup guide. After the import of demo content, it’s possible that some profile form seems to be broken. I have a plain shortcode in my hompepage form If you have a plain shortcode in place of your homepage form, check that the BP search profile plugin […]

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Creating Galleries

Your theme takes advantage of WordPress’s built in galleries. Their display is provided by the Jetpack plugin. Enable the extra Tiled Galleries and Carousel by going to Jetpack > Settings. Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice you have a few new gallery types available when creating a gallery. The gallery most used throughout the demo is Tiled Mosaic. This gallery […]

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Installing Jetpack

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that provides various features and enhancements to your WordPress site. Although Jetpack is optional, you may need to activate these features if you want your site to look like the theme demo. Please make sure you have Jetpack installed and activated. Otherwise, you can install this plugin before proceeding to following. After activating […]