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How Can I Hide Member Pages for Non-registered Users ?

By default, there is no option to restrict member pages for non members, but it is pretty easy to achieve using a simple PHP code snippet: /** * Redirect buddypress pages to registration page */ function gwangi_restrict_buddypress() { // If not logged in and on a bp page except registration or activation if ( ! […]

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Removing the Default Styles

By default when you create a child theme, the default CSS for the theme will always be loaded. This is the best way to create a child theme as it promotes proper child theme creation. You should not be copy/pasting the entire CSS of the parent theme and modifying parts in your child theme. Instead […]

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Adding Custom CSS

WordPress allows you to add custom CSS to change the appearance of your website through the Customizer. To display the CSS editor panel, please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Any CSS added to this section will automatically be loaded on your website.