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Why My Site Does Not Look Like the Demo?

In most cases, these type of issues are caused by server misconfigurations. Don’t hesitate to check the WordPress prerequisites here: If your demo is not completely imported (images and/or sections missing), it is probably related with a PHP limit that prevents you to correctly import the demo on your server. In that case, we suggest […]

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Add Geolocation feature for BuddyPress members (BP Maps for Members)

Heads up! Make sure BuddyPress, BP Maps for Members and  BP xProfile Location are installed first! Please make sure you have BuddyPress, BP Maps for Members and BP xProfile Location installed and activated. If you haven’t already done so, you still can install this plugin before proceeding to the following steps. Also, please make sure you […]

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Show BuddyPress Fields in Members Cards

Starting from Gwangi 1.2, you can easily display any profile field of your choice on your members profile cards, thanks to the new “Members Displayed Profile Fields” that we added in the WordPress Customizer. First, start by opening the WordPress Customizer by going in Appearance > Customize from your WordPress admin. Once the Customizer is opened, simply […]

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How to Change the Default Login and Register Menu Items?

After importing the demo content, you might have the wrong links for the Login and Register menu items. To fix these links, you just have to follow these simple steps: From the admin, go to Appearance > Menus, then select the User – Logged Out menu. Once you’re there, delete the two menu items. Under the […]

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How Can I Hide Member Pages for Non-registered Users ?

By default, there is no option to restrict member pages for non members, but it is pretty easy to achieve using a simple PHP code snippet: /** * Redirect buddypress pages to registration page */ function gwangi_restrict_buddypress() { // If not logged in and on a bp page except registration or activation if ( ! […]